I Love this Picture I found many years ago.

      A little story of why it’s so special for me..
      First it is painted by a local Artist,whom I had the fortune to meet in person one day. She expressed why she loves to paint “Angels”. Her inspiration is a tribute to the memory of her Daughter…
      This particular day I was searching for something comforting for my mother who was battling cancer. I knew that I may only have a few more days with her. I saw this and it gave me chills, my heart felt consoled and filled with peace. I bought this and hung it near her bed.
      My Mom was a Angel on Earth to many and she loved Angel images as well.. Later that week my Mom passed away, I am certain this was not a coincidence that I went into that store that day and connected with her.
      I love the thought that I will always have it our home.
      Christmas is the time to hear the Angel’s Sing and know that they are close…
      Merry Christmas everyone*