Happy March’s first morning…

      With anticipation of much needed rain here in Southern California, 
      I began to prepare my gardens for Spring.
      Planting, trimming,weeding & fertilizing. Then I crossed my fingers for rain!
      {It worked}!!!!!!
      While doing so, I realized a potting bench would of been very useful. 
      I’m going to get started designing & building my own potting bench this spring using reclaimed and vintage materials.

      Finding inspiration for potting benches was interesting….
      many different types of potting benches.


      Some have access to running water…

      Drawers for holding seed packets, gloves & garden tools is essential.

      A top shelf to hold my collection of vintage water cans would be perfect!
      Potting benches are so versatile.

      Utilitarian & beautiful…

      My dilemma is….
      I love seeing them indoors too
       as a serving buffet,
       a desk 
      or even a kitchen island.

      I know it may still be snowing where you are,
        you might not be planting just yet.. .
      but it’s the perfect time to feel inspired
      plan what accessories you will need in the garden this spring.

      My Design tip: Using vintage reclaimed material for a potting bench is a great DIY project. Figure out what size works for your space and have fun building a one of a kind garden accessory.

      Spring is on it’s way!

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT Blog for the Saturday’s Designing with Vintage series. Also shop CASUAL LOVES ELEGANCE my vintage garden collection. 

      A beautiful first day of March to you!


      Hi gail, m'y favorite was photo 2 the stone wash stand with galvanized buckets, and what about that faucet in all it's rural rustic glory, who wouldn't want to garden or pretend to garden with one of theses beauties staring you down.
      I will be waiting to see what you have come up with and where it will be placed.
      Loving the indoor outdoor style of bringing theses pieces in and a potting bench does make for adding beauty in the home for daily use….how about a potting bench turned bathroom vanity.

      See you soon


      Philadelphia is getting a snow storm tomorrow night of upwards of a foot. I can't tell you how much Spring is on my mind.
      I think you have certainly researched what you want in your design of a potting table and planning is key. I look forward to your reveal one day when it is completed. Locking wheels sounds like an idea for a movable PT, oh what fun you will have in your creation.

      I love potting benches! Thank you for sharing some inspiration. Ciao