*Winter **** A favorite season of mine.
       I reminisce of my childhood growing up in the midwest with a lot of snow,
       the sound of the large pines whistling in the wind.
      How I loved the sound of the crackling fire and the glow of candles in the window of our old house on the lake.
      My mom used to set candles in the kitchen window…
      Truly a sight I will never forget…walking up our hill from the lake when it was almost dark from ice skating, I could see the flicker of the candle in the window, glowing inside the house.
      As if it were lighting my way home…
      I couldn’t wait to have hot Cocoa in my new french vintage cup… from a dear friend this Christmas!
      This vintage french candle holder is a my newest favorite… I have 3 now!
      Yesterday afternoon I grabbed a few of my favorite vintage pieces, a cozy fur for my chair and went down to our wood area under the big pines.  
      {I could hear them whistling}!
      LOVE it….It was windy and chilly here in SoCal!!!
      Mmm… LOVE hot Cocoa, a perfect treat on a cold day.
      A pair of vintage white ice skates that I keep out during the winter to remind me
      of  those fun times…
      My mom kept a basket on our porch for skates to be put in. 
      The snow melted and dripped through the basket. I love remembering the details of my Winter’s.
      A pretty vintage spoon for my cocoa, a vintage clip on candle holder for a little candle glow… 
      added a touch of coziness for me to relax and enjoy a few winter moments
       under the big pine near the woodpile.
      I relish these shorter days…
       and LOVE spending time enjoying the WINTER season.

      My design tip:  Grab some of your favorite vintage pieces, furs and blankets to refresh your decor.
      Adding candles and faux furs will give your atmosphere instant coziness.

      You well never look at WINTER the same!

      My *WINTER* WISH
      For YOU to enjoy a 2013 filled with inspiring “Vintage ” beauty.
      Pour some coco.. and Hop on over to Second Shout Out blog for my “Saturday Designing with Vintage “post this morning.
      Visit my store Casual Loves Elegance I have some vintage cups!

      Oh so lovely Gail. I adore that these pieces mean so much to you and remind you of wonderful memories!

      2013 Artists Series

      Such beautiful pictures! Happy 2013 to you Gail!