I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

      Filled with all of your favorite people and traveled safely to and from your special destinations..
      I mentioned we were going to the Mammoth Mountains for our Family Christmas this year.
      We just got back. Oh my Goodness….Everything was so pristine and white it was truly Magical!!
      It was so Beautiful it took my breath away! They had historical snow falls and it was snowing when we got there!!
      I thought I would share some pictures of this White Christmas Snow here in the California Resort at Mammoth Mountain. It is about a 6 hour drive from San Diego in good weather.
      *The first photo is from my window in the car. It was snowing as we were driving into Mammoth. * I loved the shutters on this House, so Swiss! * The snow stopped and the Sun came out and the Sky was so beautiful. * Pics from The Village.
      We stayed right in Mammoth at a lovely place called “The Village”, the Gondola is right there.
      On Christmas Eve we rode in a Snow Cat {Slope Groomer} up to the top where we had reservations for a quiet and Delicious Dinner, at a beautiful little place called the Paralux..
      My Boyz thought it was pretty cool!!
      Hope you enjoy the photos!!
      Xo, Me

      Gail: Your photos are awesome. It looks like that here today but I am sure my photos would not do it justice. Beautiful.
      Mary Ann

      I love you winter photos, and I love Mammoth Village, but I think you have captured that perfect time of day that made these photo breath-taking !! Cheryl