Morning Darlins,
      I loved this vintage zink trough the moment I saw it…
      I believe it to be some kind of a old work sink.

      I have visons of someday using as a sink again,
       but till then,
       i love seeing it planted & happily spilling over with herbs…
      I have planted in here
      Chocolate mint!

      I love just snipping fresh herbs from here for my recipes.
      Here is what it looked like when I first planted it…
      If you have a small space, terrace or balcony you can plant a herb garden in a cool container and enjoy fresh herbs anytime!

      A beautiful day to you hope you take THYME to enjoy it!!!


      Fabulous zinc trough!! Love how you used it for a planter. Thanks so much for stopping by and introducing yourself. Beautiful blog.
      Mary Alice

      What a great piece Gail! I love that it is all planted up with herbs. Love it!!!
      hugs from here…

      What a beautiful and unique piece! I love the planting of the herbs in it….so many wonderful things to use it for especially for a sink~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

      There's nothing more satisfying than adding fresh herbs to your culinary creations. Love the zinc trough, lovely if you do use it eventually as a sink … But until then just think of all the fun possibilities.

      Love your sweet herb garden bed. Would love to see it used as a sink. How about using it for parties or events filled with ice chilling bottles of wine or sparkling waters displayed on a counter or patio table or garden feature Gail. how do you find all these wonderful pieces. Would love to see more of your beautiful home.

      See you soon.