Hello lovelies,

      As we begin a crisp new season heading in the last quarter we surely need some excitement! I hope all is well with you and your loved ones as you slide into a new season. Y’all I didn’t expect to go so long without posting here, like you I’ve had to juggle routines and create fresh ones. In a way, the cool take away from all of this is that it’s given us space, time and reflection to discover what truly matters.

      On a light note, our family’s had a few highlights since I’ve posted…both boys and hubby celebrated milestone birthdays this year, unfortunately I wasn’t chancing planning any parties… thanks to {Covid}.

      Beau prefers classics.

      Our family welcomed “Beaumont” to our family in February. Beau is a very handsome Tibetan Mastiff, growing fast, tall, strong and already getting his big boy fur. He loves hugs, has a very cute personality. When we catch him doing something bad, or giving a command to come..he puts his head down, and sort of prances away while shaking his head as if he’s saying no to our request. We’re training, however “come” is a difficult command for him sometimes!

      Beau’s has a favorite find…our potager garden. He began curiously sniffing the trees and one day the first ripe donut peach was dangling at his nose, he couldn’t resist! Love seeing him gently snatch fruit off the tree and prance away, he’s loving our organic apples too. Tibetans are the most interesting breed, natural guardians of the family, Intelligent and truly self thinkers! As a pup they’re extremely aware.

      The farmhouse renovation has come along way, posts for you soon. Busy on other projects, refresh designs, and one in the midwest I began this summer.

      On the Local Real Estate front, Timing is NOW! Are you looking for a change? If so, reach out to me on my IG with a DM, I’d love to work with you! I’m a Realtor w/ Berkshire Hathaway, Harwood Group, in Rancho Santa Fe.

      With the farm house renovation turning the corner for the home stretch, I’m obsessed with editing out A LOT of my favorite vintage furniture pieces, lighting and finds I have gathered. The walls and furniture have set pieces now, so time to let go of the curated gems I’m storing.

      I’m excited to be offering them up for sale at a favorite shop. VIGNETTES DECOR in San Diego. Stay in touch with IG @casualloveslelgance.

      As we look forward with anticipation to what is next, be safe, calm and find the good!

      Have a beautiful day,