Years ago my youngest son use to be amongst the entourage going to my oldest baseball,flag-football etc.

      He was a great sport about it, as you know if your a parent with kids that play sports it’ is every weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Well… my youngest son used to bring a huge Nike bag filled with different sports gear and would change into them and be out on the field playing!
      I captured a few shots of him here. He was four!!! {now he’s 12…}
      The tryouts for little league are going on and my husband has been coaching since my oldest was in t-ball and he’s 20!!! I guess that is why I had this little flashback…..
      Have a fun weekend and enjoy the many activities that your family is involved in, because it’s great…& it goes by quickly but the memories are forever!

      Have a beautiful weekend and hug the kids for me!!!