This week is short with the holiday, if your a kid in school…
      Next week…another 4 day weekend, if your a kid in school…
      Oh well… have to love it!

      I did enjoy a long  short quiet weekend while all the boys were in the desert. 
      Riding dirt bikes, talking about sports doing Bbq’s, campfires & dude life in general.

      I feel like I just cleaned up the departing mess,
       when I inherited the honey we’re home mess!!!
      Oh well… have to love it!!!

      I did a little gardening,
       cut back a few roses 
      Trimmed a wall of climbing vines.
      Had early coffee with a friend…
      Excited to find a few new roses to add to my collection too!
      I brought a basket full of Lemons up to the house from our grove. 
      The whole time I was thinking…

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE our grove!
      Strolling through the trees picking lemons,
      the dogs are hanging out with me
       it’s so peaceful & beautiful.
      I love Lemon infused products too…
      These are couple of my favorites…
      Brought in some of my paper whites too, we are having warm temps here in SoCal.
      I planted the last batch of my paper whites so I could enjoy them through January.
      Not sure about this one, looks different with the large yellow center!
      So… I had a little fun playing house over the weekend!

      It’s going to be a beautiful week,
       I’ll take a lemony life any day!


      Hi Gail,
      Lemons add such a beauty to a home, something about lemons make me want to clean, and bake 🙂
      I also love lemon scented products as long as they smell as natural as can be.

      Really beautiful home post.
      Love seeing back ground pieces that make it into a shot here. Your blue grey walls look divine with the whites and yellows along with the tone of rust, just beautiful.


      A lemony life is a good thing. This is the perfect post to cheer up readers like me currently experiencing the arctic temperatures in the midwest! 🙂