Happy Wednesday Darlins,
      Sometimes blogging shares a story that connects us with others by 
      a feeling or something they have experienced as well.

       Casual Loves Elegance has never been intended to solely show a pretty room, design idea or a roses from my garden. It was to share some depth of simple moments & lifes experiences that connect us all from time to time. I hope you visit my blog for a bit of everything, 
      if so than your the best!!!
      On to the post…tissue in hand, if I can keep my tears off the key board! 
      Life gives lemons, I learned the sheer meaning, depth and truth of those words from a young child. 
      I learned from those around me by watching and feeling the immense strength and courage it takes to HANDLE IT…
      To this day I’m grateful for immeasurable  lessons, those moments that really can’t be described but only felt by the pure of heart. 
      Maybe that’s why the lessons of a child are what shapes them into the adults they become. 
      I know it’s true of me…
      I truly have empathy for those who have learned some lemony life lessons.
      But, those who turn their back and pretend life is but a rose, don’t find their place in my lemony life. 
      People and animals aren’t so different,
      basically need the same thing, companionship. love. loyalty & respect.

      For my family a pet is a companion, a loyal friend, a protector, a heart that gives unconditional love and in return we give our family friend everything we can to to maintain it’s health and keep them happy and respect them for the gifts of joy they bring.

      This is Mr. Lincoln, our Saint Bernard. 
      Freshly bathed and cozy in our home. I couldn’t resist a little photo shoot!

      About 10 weeks old.  Adorable, snuggly and already a best friend…

      Here is Lincoln about 3 months old with my son at puppy agility training.
      We noticed he had a fear of going up onto some of the objects and walking across a elevated board.
      The drill is for the dog to become agile and confident in all surroundings.
      He was terrified, he was shaking and we held him as he tried to walk across and up the platforms.

      Looking back (he is 2 years old now) we know it’s because he didn’t see well even at that time…

      Two differnt specialists examined our concerns at 10 weeks old. They told us he had glaucoma in one eye and the other wasn’t healthy either… begining onset of cataracts in the other eye.
      We cried and searched for answers, recalling taking all the best measures in the first place. How did we choose this adorable purebread Saint from a well respected and impeccable breader and two weeks later hear the diagnosis our new puppy would be blind someday, 
      sooner than we might be prepared for.
      Nothing to do but cuddle him, love him and give him a home to feel secure at.
      for us…
      HANDLE it…
      Look for the good of the situation, feeling grateful we are the family who choose to love him unconditionally. 
      Teach our children to do the right thing.

      Fast forward he is 2 years old. His sight has declined, he doesn’t track with his eyes.
       Though he runs around as if he had 20-20!
      His hearing is failing too…
      Last night I went to get a new collar for him, I’m standing at the pet store in tears {the young girl working there came over} when I was trying to think what to engrave on his new name tag…If he got out of the yard, I wanted anyone who would find him to know about him right away.
      He’s not going to find his way back home…
      He’s not going to hear us call his name from far away.

      Soooo I just HANDLED it…
      Done, engraved what needed to be known. 
      I feel better putting it into words.

      I have a set of these old Dog Show handlers towels from 1966, they seem to be fitting!

      Mr. Lincoln is happy and the love of our family, we love our tibetian mastiff Miss Chole too.
      Lincoln follows her like a shadow and she shows him the world from a dogs view.

      A lemony life is….
       a test of courage and faith to see IF & how you HANDLE it!

      Thanks for listening, I feel better…


      Dear, dear Gail…..animals are so important to me, whether it's a wild bird in my tree, a bunny in my yard, a family of ducks crossing the road, or a pet. They are gifts to our world, and they NEED US! Lincoln truly is blessed to have you, someone who cares so deeply. I get teary-eyed when I hear of a pet who is having problems. But Lincoln, like many people, will survive. And love and understanding are the ingredients in daily life that help even those who can see and hear carry on.

      HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!! Anita