Woke up this morning to the pitter patter of rain…..
      Here in SoCaL we need this rain desperately.
       Hope it continues all weekend!
      Our Lemon grove is going to be so happy!
      I have been cutting back everything, fertilizing in anticipation the rain was coming…
      A huge stack of wood & pine cones to start the fireplaces, staying cozy!
      Under the tree at Christmas were my Joules…
      I have been waiting all winter for rain to wear them!
      They shipped to me right from England. 
      A girl has to stay dry

      A shout out & congrats to my youngest son….
       who tried out for the H.S. freshman baseball team…

      after 3 days of tryouts…
      It was announced after the cuts of more than half, he made the final roster of 15!
      He is a pitcher.
      We are so proud of him and all the boys… we hope they have a winning season.

      {my tummy was in knots lots of talent it is very competitive at his H.S}
      He said he can’t wait to play practice in the rain today!

      A beautiful day to you!

      Yes, finally getting rain, hopefully it's enough to help our draught…Yes lots of spring games, I enjoy baseball, peaceful sitting in our lounge chairs. I love watching the boys play.
      Have a lovely weekend!

      Thank you…this is my last one going to high school a little bitter sweet! Yes, it's fun to wear something besides flip-flops and shorts!!!
      Looking forward to a fireside dinner and the Oscars on Sunday!

      Thank you Kerrie, It's a journey raising our children, these are little highlights along the way!
      I wish you the best with yours…

      How exciting – loved those days and watching all of those games!! Love, love your Joules – almost makes you happy for rain!!

      Congratulations to your son and his proud parents. Also happy that it's finally raining in CA. Absolutely, about a girl always being fashionable, how sweet the yellow bows match the yellow of your lemons growing in your grove. Even at my age I still enjoy jumping in the puddles

      Congrats to your son! I know that feeling…my son played football in H.S for a championship team…very stressful. He also played tennis. He ended up as the #4 player on his tennis team in the championships…so exciting and fun. You will enjoy the H.S journey with your son. And yes…it is pouring here in Northern CA. and forecasted to last till next Tuesday. We need the rain so badly!!!