Many years ago I found this at a flea Market. I looked at it and thought hmmm I have seen something like this before it looks like it was used to cover something. I thought it was a very cool object! I liked the sturdiness of it and the large scale so I bought it. I had it powder coated “White”.

      I’ve used it everywhere, my boys bathroom, and at my old Mercantile store. Now it is in my bathroom for towels.

      Any thoughts of what it could be?
      Well I’ve been told it’s a radiator cover. It was used to go over those hot pipes.
      Well I turned it up to use it as a basket!!! Do you see it?
      Thought I’d share a picture of one of my favorite repurposed finds!
      Everyone always asks about this piece!
      I love using vintage things and repurposing them.. It’s a green thing to do!
      My Design Tip: Find a new purpose for things you may already have. Look at things turned a different way and use some imagination!!!
      I’d love to know what your favorite repurposed item is!
      *Have a fabulous White Wednesday*