Certainly I believe in Fairytales…
      Do you?
      Today we’re celebrating what is….
       by remembering & cherishing what was!

       Fairytales are the things that dreams are made of….
      Hopes or wishes that become real…
      This is me on my wedding day…
      I was excited, nervous, hot {it was very warm} I think it was all the L*OV*E!!!
      My headpiece was blowing and my veil was in my face the whole time!!!
      I  was so excited to finally wear my *PINK* dress after keeping it a secret from everyone while I was having it made.
      Here I am in a cocoon of pink with all my beautiful brides maides..
      They were taking out my rollers! 
      My bridesmaids didn’t know I was wearing a pink wedding dress either until a few minutes before this photo, I wish I could of gotten their reactions on camera… Priceless!

      I believe this is what happened to us!

      Happily… I DO!
      Have a beautiful Friday eve…Going to get ready for our celebration!