Morning Darlins…

      OMGoodness… it’s a winter storm…SoCal style!
      Rain & wind here & snowing in Mammoth!
      The top story of our house is only the master bedroom & ensuite, 
      the house sits high up on a knoll, surrounded by gigantic eucalyptus & few old pines…
       when those winds start blowing, it whistles through the windows.
      …the upstairs hasn’t been renovated yet!

      So it’s the perfect day to share the coziest Christmas spot in our living room!

      My SIL & niece sent me this Reindeer feed sack… L*O*V*E*
      I have wrapped a few gifts hope to finish soon!
      I soooo hope you L*O*V*E this time of year too….
      A busy day I have to scoot…
      Stay cozy!

      P.S. Grab your latte or cocoa tommoro & come by for Saturday’s “Designing with vintage” here…

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      Oh Gail, we are hit hard with the Southern California storm they are calling the pineapple storm.
      Coming from the tropics and hitting our beaches hard. We are in the mountains of the desert and I can tell you we are getting snow, not at our level yet but I am certain it will be a snowy one this year here as well.

      Rained all night and wind at the speeds of pulling full grown trees out of the grounds and streets are flooding. Yes my dear friend we are in good company of sharing this storm.
      As for your holiday cozy comfort, it is so charming with a great Nordic vibe and feel to its cozy grain and fur design. The pillow is so cute, it reminds me of the Birdseed signs I had done a few years ago.

      Show more, we want to see more of your rustic beauty here.
      How are your trees standing up? Are branches breaking off?
      Let me know if you have to abandon your home for higher ground, you can stay at my home, yet not sure I won't float down the streets myself.

      Take care, stay worm and cozy by the fire.