This morning the view was so clear and Beautiful from my bedroom Balcony I took this photo.

      Also the weather is so warm and summer-ish about 90* today. It is what we get almost every Autumn here in So. Cal.
      I just watered all my Roses and Hydrangeas it’s going to get hot later.. I can’t believe how many roses I have, I just planted them a few months ago… They must like their location!!
      I had to snip a few to bring in. I always love to have fresh flowers from my garden.
      Finally I have some to cut for some lovely little bouquets.
      The jar… is a olde peanut butter jar, and the ribbon is french monogrammed with a initial “P” for my last name…
      The view in the photo is so lovely to wake up to.
      We lived at the Beach for 30 years and we were ready for a change… A country life, lots of space, on a hill…we looked for a while… A Fabulous view was #1 on our house hunting list….This was it!
      My Design tips: Plant your favorite flowers that you can enjoy cutting and making bouquets with. Use vintage little jars and unique finds etc., some pretty vintage ribbon to hang them on a door knob or cabinet.
      Also if your in the market for a house, make a wish list and stick with it.
      Be patient… You will find what your looking for.
      Happy White Wednesday and enjoy your view…