A brand new year is upon us…
      like a new pair of shoes, it takes some getting used to!

      A fresh clean slate is welcoming
        from the excess of the holidays cluttering our spaces.

      It’s a little much, you might say….but I have to have clean.
       Even more often through the renovation!

      I always deep clean before the holidays & a thorough cleaning after.
       I enjoy organizing & editing,
      letting the new year start to settle in.
      Light & bright sun washed spaces give an open & airy feeling.
      I can’t wait to get into our living room renovation, it has a great ceiling height like this!
      Large vintage pieces provide great storage.
      Consistently sized baskets work well too, you can make tags in any style you like.

      Ahh….this linen closet organized & beautiful to me!
      A vintage industrial workbench & shelves would enhance and inspire a creative work space!
      A clean work space is a great way to begin the day!
      Looks like mine!!!
      Oh, I do love cool cleaning tools. 
      I have a little collection of vintage brushes & dustpans, who can resist them!

      My Design tip: Starting your new year with a fresh clean space is energizing & cleanses us from clutter. 
      Be creative with different storage containers. 
      Try using old tin boxes, trunks, vintage shelfs, even hat boxes.

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG for the whole post today with my Saturday’s designing with vintage series. Take a second to LIKE it!

      Happy New Year
      Thank you for stopping by CASUAL LOVES ELEGANCE
      I LOVE recieving wonderful emails & comments you take the time to send or leave.
      I read them all & enjoy visiting your blogs just as much!

      I know 2014 will be amazing!

      Starting the year out fresh .. void of clutter is so important. Your photos are perfect:) and I love all those storage baskets! I'd like to create a work space that is white (above!) love that.

      Love this post..the photos are amazing! I am feeling the same way..but being on crutches for four weeks is slowing me down big time..oh well it will all get done sooner or later! All the best,Chrissy

      We are definitely on the same wavelength. I've got organization on the brain…happy Sunday!!