Yikes ya’ll…
      I recieved the sweetest email from family who saw this in the paper today…
      I am on the right with the bud light and my BFF *Spuds*
      This commercial was so fun… SPUDS was adorable to work with!
      Spuds and I had stand- ins so we got to hang together on the set while during some of the rehearsals!
      My modeling agent told me my casting call was for a national commercial for Anheuser Busch and it would be with a dog…

       In my auditon the casting director asked me to say something into the camera using Spuds name, pretend like your telling him bye…

      So I said….
      Bye Spuds, call me!
      Here it is! {This link wasn’t in the article}
      I’m the blond with long hair talking!

      I did many commercials for Anheuser Busch, and spokesmodel for them. I have a soft spot for them….They were my first commercial audition ever and I booked the principal part with the amazing Mr.George Burns, 
      and became a SAG member.  
      A cute story I will save for another time.

      Fun flash back… to the late 80’s!
      Have a nice evening!
      P.S. Love to hear from you if you remember the Spuds commercials!

      Gail I love this blog:))))) you are so cute:) xoxoxo
      suzy hoover

      I loved these commercials! It is so cool that you were in them! And oh you definitely need to tell the story about meeting Mr. Burns 🙂 Visiting for the first time and so glad I found your blog!

      Thank you Suzy!
      Have a beautiful day!

      Hi Maria, Sweet of you visintg my blog for the first time, I hope you come back and visit often!
      These commercials were big back in the day! I never wore the 80's big hair though.for everyday.. Just for model shoots the stylists had fun with my long hair, I couldn't wait to get home and wash all the product and sprays out!
      Have a beauriful day Maria,