Morning Darlins,

      Are you feeling blah about your home?
      It’s been a long winter for some of you…
      Windows tightly shut, curtains drawn to keep the winter drafts out?

      I have put together my list of 7 things you can start on today to re-inspire you.
      Spring is the renewal of all things we love, which undoubtedly includes the space we call home.
      Just for you… 
      I have put them in order as I would do them, for the instant satisfaction & Aha  factor!
      I should warn you it isn’t expensive!
      Just roll up your sleeves put your hair up & dig in!

      Rearrange the furniture.
       Make a plan on paper, it’s helpful to see what fit’s where.

      Remove the curtains & clean the windows.
       It’s amazing how different & airy a space becomes. 
      If you need privacy think about adding a fabric shade.
       Unframed canvas artwork.
       Use one you already own or find a vintage one.
      The subject should evoke Spring. Water, florals A farm, food…something you love.
      This small vintage canvas is a family piece. Frameless, I love it!

      Fresh potted greens. 
      Never silk or plastic.
      Ferns, ivy, herbs like rosemary make wonderful indoor plants. 
      Herbs can be utilized in cooking. Plants provide oxygen to a space & are easy to care for.


      Fresh flowers.
      I cut flowers from my garden.
       A pretty jar like my vintage peanut butter jar can hang anywhere.
      Lanterns & candles.
      Burning candles adds romance as well as a comforting light to a space day or night.

      White linens….preferably vintage.
      For table, bed & slipcovers. 
      They add a casual relaxing texture & the smell of fresh linens is refreshing.

      Pretty dishes.

      Mix & match your heirlooms or start a collection of vintage pieces.
      Light in color. 
      Stack them on buffets, hang them as art…

      Use them everyday & take pleasure in dining with them.

      My Design tip:
      When you re arrange a space, edit it. Borrow pieces from another room. Give the space a good cleaning. The room takes on a re-inpired feeling.  Have fun with it.

      I promise you… if you try these 7 things you will be hooked! 
      You will be going through these 7 steps in each room of your home!

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG for my SATURDAY’s “Designing with vintage” post & shop for some vintage pieces for your new inspired space!

      Have a beautiful weekend!
       Send me your before & afters if you like.

      Hi Dore,
      Thank you for stopping by, I'm thinking Spring even though here in Ca. we hardly notice one season to the next! Those doors are antique, I found them many years ago and I think they were actually windows. someone had taken the glass out of them and added mirror. I will be using them somewhere in the renovation. As always it's lovely hearing from you!

      Hi Andie,
      It's lovely to have that fresh start to a space. My mom used to do this when I was growing up. After a midwest season she wanted to refresh for the next one. Looking back it was fun to come home from school and see tne arrangement the furniture was in!
      Thank you for stopping by!
      Happy Spring

      Hi Gail,
      Lové your inspiration hère. Love your doors with a jar of flowers.
      You always inspire a softer side to living, and I so love it.


      Such inspiration! We are in the midst of moving every last thing around.
      I am in love with the brightness of your surroundings. So soothing yet so filled with life!