Weekend Greetings!

      Beautiful weather, longer days and schools out.
      It’s the pefect time to gather some vintage aaccessories & throw a party outdoors or inside.
      Round up the crew…. kids, friends & family to help.
      Making it easy, casual and fun will take the pressure off ironing table cloths and white gloving the house!
       If you have summer house guests, invite them to join you in the planning.

      Try to delagate to some of the do’s!


      Let’s be inspired to gather, tell stories and enjoy all that summer has to offer.

      My Design tip: Pull out old blankets, quilts, pillows & dropcloths these items will make seating cozy and can also work well as table coverings.

      Throw a party just because….

      Hop over to Second Shout Out for  Saturday “Designing with vintage” blog series and shop for some casual items for parties at home.

      So many party ideas, I love throwing parties, when I lived on my 2 1/2 acre land with my way to much home to handle, I loved having big parties . Now they are much smaller get togethers and quaint in design.
      I love the more rustic table with the burlap runner under the trees, I could so see you having a party up against your lemon grove, with lights strung to and fro the trees, and plenty of salvage furnishings set about for entertaining.

      Wonderful post Gail!