Morning Darlin’s,

      We had some thundering-lighting-hail & windy weather her is So.Cal the last couple of days.. Back to pretty blue skies this morning!
      1* A couple weeks ago I was visiting one of my favorite blogs Splenderosa”. Marsha was hosting a giveaway for one of her stunning pieces.. I decided to go for it… {I never win anything..}Probably because I don’t enter!!
      Oh My goodness… I received a lovely email from Marsha telling me I WON her beautiful Giveaway! I was so excited. Here it is…. I received it in the mail!
      Thank you so very much Marsha for hosting the beautiful giveaway.. I am so grateful to be the winner!
      Please stop by the beautiful blog “Splenderosa” has so much fun with her blog you can tell! Click here
      Her jewelry is stunning… Go ahead & pick out something pretty for yourself to wear this Spring … You deserve it!
      2* In the mail we received the most Beautiful wedding invitation.. {See the star fish}. It was delivered in a white box with silver banding! It was from our friends. The invitation was for their daughter Heidi who is getting married next month at L’Auberge Del Mar. She and her family are so excited… It is going to be a beautiful wedding.. Looking forward seeing her sachet down the isle! {I was a guest at her bridal shower a couple of weeks ago, they pulled out out all the stops for a beautiful afternoon}.

      3* Yesterday a friend came by to bring flowers… She brought this beautiful bouquet she arranged! What a lovely week of delightful beauty from friends near and far! Beautiful things come in threes!!!

      Here is my pics to share*

      Have a pretty Sunday*
      P.S Darlins, I am planning my 1st giveaway for you too!

      Gail, I've just returned home to find your sweet message. Wow, what a day you had receiving all these lovelies. That invitation has to be one of the most wonderful ones I've seen. Thank you so much for giving me such a nice mention. I do so appreciate it, and hope you will enjoy wearing your white piece. xx's