On this birthday morning,
      woke early up to the sun & blue skies,
      always fun to have a beautiful day for your birthday!!!
      Today is my other favorite day of August…
      yes, it is my birthday…but I love the journey each year & it’s special to me.
      It’s so much more than that, 
      this is truly how I live on this *26* day.
      It’s the day I look forward to savoring
       me time
       in my heart & soul.
       Listening carefully to hear my own thoughts above all else.

      While I reflect on my life, I treasure the memorable birthdays I’ve shared with family & friends.

      Mostly where do I go from here… What is my plan?

      It may sound silly but that’s what is important & why it’s my favorite day each year…

      Here are some birthday moments & silly ones too…
      some things I love at home!
      Birthday candles for tonight!
      love ribbons…
      A little vintage rhinestone birthday crown I found last year…
      Heirloom roses from my garden….
      ….me on my birthday when I was 3!
       *4*  birthday
      I loved those little gloves & purse!
      My mom always baked our cakes at home. Chocolate adorned with ballerinas!
      The best*est days!
      a collage of favs
      ….one more silly little thing to leave you with!

      I see everyone taking selfies, sooooo I thought I would try one when I got my new i phone!
      Of course… I didn’t think I needed to be tech savy…

      I showed it to my boys, they started laughing… 
      they said, mom how did you take this?

      I said really…
      it’s a selfie, how do you think i took it? I took it in the mirror!

      Omg mom, you have it backwards!
      Oh well… this is my first & last, not sure what all the hoopla is all about any whoooo!

      If your an August baby like me! Happy Birthday wishes to you too!

      A beautiful day Darlins,
      Thanks for all your visits & comments through the year!
       birthday girl

      Happy Birthday birthday girl!
      It's your day, celebrate you!