Hi Darlins,
      Just returned from a beautiful vacation on the lake.
      Love hanging out with the fam.

      A beautiful day here in SoCal.

      Today is a special day…
       I want to send *Happy Birthday* wish to my oldest son…
      He’s my first born & I love him more than the Moon & Stars!

      Here I am with him on our first family vacation….
      He was only 6 weeks old!
      He loved this old truck of ours! 
      We were renovating our house and it was our work horse!
      I bought him a pair of work boots, our property was a construction site!
      He had so much fun and at the end of the day he was tired and filthy!
      His favorite shirt says it all!
      Didn’t have time for shorts he was too busy! He was almost 2…

      Today he is a gorgeously handsome young man!
      I’m blessed to be his mom!

      Love you Darling!

      May we see some indoor pics of these little cottages as well?

      Yes time has flown! It's is bitter sweet, I miss the years when they were young and I was not looking up at them!
      I used to cut his hair too, it was perfectly straight and shined like silk!
      We sound like such mom's don't we!!!

      Thank you for the thoughtful birthday wishes I will pass them on.

      Thank you Kerrie, This was many years ago and now he is 6'4!!! I only show really young pics of my boyz!

      Oh my how darling he is! And your mama love shows. You are both glowing. xx

      Oh Gail, time does fly, my son at that age had the same exact hair cut, I was so fussy about that style matching all the way around and making sure not one hair was out of place.

      Love seeing life in the shape of time,

      Happy Birthday to your son…. What's his name? And how many spankings does he get? Lol