Happy August 1st!

      Since I began my blog I had a fun idea to dedicate August in honor of my birthday month…
      I’m silly & sentimental like that!!
      Now I look forward to it again this year!

      Beginning today I will post about my favorite things,
      stories that make me smile
       favorite color Pink
      for the entire month.
      If it’s yours too this month I would love to know!
       Also…. if you have any thing you do for your birthday month to celabrate you! 
      I hope to hear from you!
      I love to add alot of extra flowers in the house throughout the monthof August just because….
      Pink roses from my garden, 
      their my favorite August rose!
      My foyer has my favorite topiaries…
      grow each day in as many ways possible.
      …. never stop wishing
      ….the twinkle in your eye!

      A beautiful first day of  August to you!

      Off to workout!


      Hi Gail I never Gave it much thought to my birthday Month being January. I love having a winter birthday, I cozy up take the day all the way through the whole month to reflect on the year and how it has added to my life and just reflect, that's special enough for me, as for a big deal for my daughter, I do it up special, I creat a day of beauty for her, hair, makeup, clothing and of course shopping and lunch at the beach.

      Happy Birthday Month to you beautiful.


      hAppY biRtHdAy month to YOU!!!!! xx