Morning Darlins….
      Loved waking up to the chilly morning here in SoCal. 
      We have had some much needed rain and it’s nice and chilly….
      finally… Christmasy weather for us!

      With only*10*days till Christmas you still have time…
       to shop for some special one of a kind Vintage toys and Unique Decorative items for your children’s rooms….

      I was honored to be recommended by a very prominent local designer to sketch and submit a proposal years ago for a annual Historical showcase home in Coronado, Ca.

      I submitted my sketches for a young child’s room {3y old girl}. I was chose!
      This was the magazine page and photo for the room. {Not a great scan sorry…}
      I incorporated this vintage European large dancing doll here you see at the little table…
       She was the inspiration piece for this dreamy european style child’s room.
      Years ago,This doll was in my children’s store AKA“Buckingham Mercantile” everyone seemed to inquire about this doll…but I had a big NFS
      {not for sale
      on her…
      One day I was told by a customer she had one of these dolls growing up.
       The doll has bands on the feet where the child strapped the doll to the top of their feet for a dance partner to learned to dance… 
      Shirley Temple and Hollywood had parents dreaming their child could be the next child star! 
      True Story!!
      I have a little collection of Vintage toys…
      OOH LA LA! 
      Guess what!
      I decided to offer them for sale this Christmas….
      for the first time!!!
      All of these… and more are in my store click below as of this morning!
      Here they are in the chandelier!
      I found these as different times but they look like sisters!
      Here is another one….
      She is adorable too!
      This one is measures 36″ Tall
      This one measures 24″ tall
      This one measures 14″ tall
      Of course I have vintage toys in my store for the boys!!!!
      This is a vintage tin litho by Marx…. so cute to use a magnet board in their room. Or down low in a game room to use with a dart gun! Great condition and a collector piece!
      A little plaster oval cowboy hanging plaque!
      Just the little inspiration piece for that little boy room or nursery!

       I have boys… when I did their nursery’s and rooms as they grew I always designed them with vintage  toys…
      They look so cool and not like any one else’s!
      My boys loved their rooms and I still use vintage in every room… 
      It is our style!
      Hurry…Hop over to my store Casual Loves Elegance to shop for all of these!

      Lots of fabulous new vintage in my store this morning!!!

      I wanted to post about the toys on today’s Saturday’s” Designing with Vintage” 
      you can read the whole post there on Second Shout Out blog in a bit.
      It’s 10 days before Christmas so hope you will be giving the ultimate green this year *VINTAGE*
      You’ll love shopping SECOND SHOUT OUT for all your vintage gifts.

      My design tip: Vintage toys are like fairytales added to a child’s room. Incorporating vintage gives you a chance to create a one of a kind room or nursery that reflect your child and home’s uniqueness.

      Every child is one of a kind… shouldn’t their space be too!!!
      Have a beautiful day!