Are you dreaming of a fresh approach to creating your own home style?

          Hello, it’s Gail, and I’m excited to share with you my creation, Casual Loves Elegance, a lifestyle brand hinged upon loving all things home, gardening, entertaining, and everyday living.

          HOME is newly defined at Casual Loves Elegance.  Forget matching the pillows to the window treatments & only choosing mass produced, cookie-cutter products.  I love design and I’m passionate about transforming houses into unforgettable homes.

          My own style is lived, and imperfectly at that!  And while I’m sharing a glimpse into my world, you’ll see we’re living in our French Farm house while we’re renovating it!  Oh, and that Giant Saint Bernard, he’s family!

          Inspiring others is the heart of Casual Loves Elegance and I’d love to help you define your own beautiful story and use it artfully & purposefully in designing your home.

          I’m grateful our paths have crossed today, so let’s get acquainted!  Grab a cup of your favorite drink, settle into a cozy spot & explore this site. And make sure to give me a hello and follow me on my social media channels so we can stay in touch.




          THE CREATOR Gail Smith Peterson

          Gail is self described as, a small town Midwestern girl who dreams big & follows her heart. A girly-girl, one might perceive.  Not entirely so-this former model is a diverse designer, blogger, realtor, business women, homemaker & unexpected lemon farm girl.

          She has elegance in the way she goes about the ordinary, finding beauty in the simplest things in life, she covets family moments with her husband of thirty-one years & their two boys.  Prioritizing family first has kept her balanced and focused during her careers.

          Gail Smith Peterson’s story has always been about following her intuition-her heart’s the bottom line, period.  She values health, spirituality, positive people, kindness, family, friends, animals, loyalty, authenticity, strong work ethic, home & creating.   A self taught women who challenges herself today more than ever, she’s quotes her youngest son , “I can’t get this day back so I’m living it now”.  Wise soul, she says.

          About me

          “I believe with all my heart that … HOME is everything ”

          Gail Smith Peterson


          I was truly a small town girl next door, who had big dreams.

            Family was deeply seeded for me, my earliest dream brought me to the West coast,  I was discovered by a modeling agent at 20, my career scaled for a decade through the 80’s.  With the birth of my first baby, my priorities changed, I walked away from a faced paced modeling career to focus on our new family.  “It wasn’t about me anymore”.   I’m  grateful to of made that mature decision, no regrets.  There’s no do-overs for marriage or raising a family.  I always follow my heart, bottom line.  I wanted to give my all to my new family.

           “Besides how many modeling campaigns, commercials or magazines could ever compare to my sweet little boy who loves me as Mommy.”

          Happily married to my long time love, he’s the casual to my elegance.  A former NFL alumnus, who also shared my love for old houses.  We met at the beginning of my modeling career and had a fairytale wedding.  Decades later I’m still a little obsessed over my wedding gown.  A quick back story, I decided to design my own!  I scouted an amazing couture maker to help me create it, at our first meeting I walked in with a vintage dress in tow that I’d found.  While I  was explaining my design plan to first deconstruct the entire dress, then re-use the tulle to create the new gown, I noticed she nodded her head yes quite a bit.  She placed her glasses on her nose, her chin down and looking up and over them, her reaction was priceless.  And so her elegance, with her makers touch she created the palest pink tule wedding gown of my dreams.

           After we married, I fell in love with a whole new world anchored by home.

          When I designed and renovated my first home to fit my family, it was hooked, I loved everything about the process and being able to take my design ideas see them come together, and being hands on taught me so much. I found the magic in design, and our signature style.  Our newborn was six weeks old when we tore the house apart, there were a lot of firsts, for all of us, and we have the sweetest memories!

           Honoring  each of our personal styles was important, that’s the back story of how and where the Casual Love Elegance style story began.

           Together we’ve kept our hearts and home filled with love, cherishing moments together as a family.  We’re very in sync with our boys, it’s a gift to be watching from a distance as they begin their own journey’s and find their passions navigating the world.  Our family dog “Lincoln,” a giant Saint Bernard who is the sweetest soul, you’ll see him here in photo’s, he get’s  frequent requests for face-time with our boy’s!

          I’m usually in torn jeans, an old t-shirt working on the latest renovation project-transforming a California 70’s Mediterranean house into a French farm home for our family.  My husband is my master craftsman, we’ve always shared a love and passion for building.

            Our nostalgic design begins with curating things we love, I’m obsessed by one of a kind vintage accoutrements, & love using our prettiest for everyday.  I’m a hunter and gatherer, my favorite sources are flea markets, barn sales and antique shops.

           Meanwhile there’s projects to complete, new ones to start, lemons to harvest and celebrations to plan for.  A new season for me has begun, my nest is empty, but my heart is full and it’s my turn for the second half.  I’m taking on my biggest dreams yet, as things unfold I will share them here!

          Is it time to refresh your home’s appearance and feel beauty & calm in your home?  The first step is in design begins with getting your questions answered, making a plan and completing it.  I can help, no matter what scale your project is.  Let’s get started and create a home that reflects YOU.

            If you’re nodding yes, then I’m your design girl.

          Let’s do this…what ever this is for you, so there’s all the feels of HOME.